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U7-U9 Carnival 1 - 18 June 2016 - Shaw Park


Under 7 & Under 9 Carnival 1 - 18 June 2016 - Shaw Park

The Draw - Version 2 !

BHA Junior Carnival V2
18 June 2016 at Shaw Park
All games are 20 minutes one way, 5 minutes between games.
Teams should be on the field ready to start at the listed times.
Time Age Field Team   v Team  
8.15am U9 1 Easts Gold   v Valley White  
8.15am U9 2 Norths Black   v Kedron Wavell  
8.15am U9 3 Pine Hills   v Norths Blue  
8.15am U9 4 PR St Andrews   v Valley Blue  
8.40am U7 1 Valley   v Pine Hills  
8.40am U7 2 Kedron Wavell   v Norths Black  
8.40am U9 3 Commercial   v Pine Hills  
8.40am U7 4 Easts   v PR St Andrews  
8.40am U7 5 Norths Blue   v Commercial  
9.05am U9 1 Valley Blue   v Norths Blue  
9.05am U9 2 Valley White   v Kedron Wavell  
9.05am U9 3 PR St Andrews   v Commercial  
9.05am U9 4 Easts Gold   v Norths Black  
9.30am U7 1 Commercial   v Valley  
9.30am U7 2 PR St Andrews   v NorthsBlack  
9.30am U7 3 Pine Hills   v NorthsBlue  
9.30am U7 4 Kedron Wavell   v Easts  
9.55am U9 1 Valley White   v Norths Black  
9.55am U9 2 PR St Andrews   v Norths Blue  
9.55am U9 3 Valley Blue   v Pine Hills  
9.55am U9 4 Kedron Wavell   v Easts Gold  
10.20am U7 1 Easts   v Norths Black  
10.20am U7 2 Valley   v Norths Blue  
10.20am U9 3 Valley Blue   v Commercial  
10.20am U7 4 Commercial   v Pine Hills  
10.20am U7 5 PR St Andrews   v Kedron Wavell  
This is Version 2 (V2) of the Draw
All Clubs were sent this version via email on Friday at 3:45pm.

 (Original Draw emailed to Clubs, 15 June 2016, Re-draw emailed 17 June 2016) 

Who's coming?

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