Player Points Cap

The 2017 Points Cap has been set at 425 points.

  • The PPC is recorded and displayed here using Google Sheets.
  • See the audited Club Totals in the table below.
  • See the current audited Club Player Lists - here.
  • The 2017 Points Cap (above) is based upon the final Player Points Cap totals at the conclusion of
    Season 2016.

Player Points Cap Audited Totals

(For the year shown)
It may be necessary for the Association to alter this table from time to time due to player movements during the current Season.

Club Player Lists

  • See the current audited Club Player Lists here.
  • For the final audited Club Player Lists of previous years use these links for 2015 & 2016 or use the relevant links via the Admin dropdown menu.

Documents & Forms

The relevant forms (in several formats) for use by Clubs when submitting information and data to the Association can be downloaded using the following links. There usage is explained in the Rules. 

  • 13.5 New Player Status Form
  • 13.6 Player Points Cap Summary Spreadsheet
  • 2017 Points Cap Rules
    • Refer to the BHA Competition Rules & Requirements
        For a link to the document goto Docs & Forms page.

2017 - Clubs were required to finalise their Points Cap Summaries by COB of the Friday 10 March 2017, i.e. fourteen (14) days prior to the first fixture.