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Judiciary Hearing Outcomes


Judiciary Outcomes

Not every Hearing's outcome will be published here.
Please read and understand the information provided in the side panels.

Judiciary Outcomes - Why?

A selection of BHA Judiciary Hearing outcomes have for some years been published on the BHA Website. It is thought that by doing so, players, officials and supporters can gain a better understanding of the consequences of unacceptable behaviour. Players' and officials' names and the names of the Clubs involved in each Hearing have been removed.

Which Ones?

The selection of outcomes listed here span several years. Not every outcome is posted here, only those that are thought to be informative for the reasons given above. For example, from 2013 it was thought not necessary to post further outcomes. However in 2016 it has been decided further outcomes shall be added from time to time.


Should a Defendant be found guilty the Judiciary Panel will ordinarily impose a sentence that consists of a number of weeks suspension. Other requirements may be imposed, e.g. required to umpire a specified number of matches, unpaid. The Defendant would generally commence serving his sentence immediately, subject to any further conditions imposed by the Panel.

Suspended Suspensions

In some instances the Judiciary Panel may suspend a part or even all of a suspension for a stated period - a form of 'suspended sentence'. What this means for the Defendant is that the weeks of their suspension 'that have in turn been suspended' are held over as a form of 'good behaviour bond'. The Panel will specify a period for which the 'suspended' part will be held, e.g. six months, end of current season, etc.

Should a Defendant carrying a suspended sentence be called before a Judiciary Panel on a similar charge during the period of the supended sentence, and is found guilty of the new charge/s, then the weeks held in suspension will automatically be imposed on the Defendant. The Defendant will then be liable for any additional penalty imposed by the Panel as a result of the latest guilty verdict.

During the more than ten years that these types of suspended suspensions have been handed out, no one has breached such conditions. It is recognised that perhaps one day someone will, however it appears that for most it causes them to consider their behaviour.