Fees & Payments

Fees are collected from players using two separate methods. One group of fees are collected online during the compulsory online registration process that must be completed by/for all players. These represent fees for the parent bodies and an insurance fee.

A second group of fees is collected by the players' Clubs for subsequent payment to BHA. This second group of fees includes a BHA fee, match fees, as well as training and any other Club related fees. Note that match fees include field hire, as well as Umpiring and Technical Official levies.

L O O K ! 2017 BHA Schedule of Fees (PDF - 72KB).
  (Right-click or long tap on the above link to download the PDF)

  • The 2017 BHA Schedule of Fees was passed by the BHA Board of Management 18 January 2017.
  • The fees listed in this schedule represent the fees charged by BHA to the affiliated Clubs for each registered player and associated match fees. Generally, these fees and charges are only payable through the Clubs. Clubs will add further charge/s to cover their own costs.
  • This schedule does not include the fees charged by Hockey Australia (HA), Hockey Queensland (HQ) and for Insurance (Ins). Every player is required to register online, via Sports TG, and to pay these fees online as part of that process.
  • Direct Deposits - Use the following when making payments direct to BHA such as Rep Uniforms (shorts, socks, etc), travel costs and accommodation.
    • Bank: Bank of Queensland
    • Account Name: Brisbane Hockey Association Inc
    • BSB: 124001
    • Account Number: 11196381
    • Comment Field: In this field please enter the invoice number or your name and immediately advise BHA via email or fax of the details of your deposit. If this is not done then it can be extremely difficult to verify individual payments as no other information passed on to BHA by the Bank provides any means of identifying the payee.
L O O K !  BHA Uniform Orders
Please visit the online Uniform Shop to order your BHA Uniform items. The shop allows you to place an order only. To pay for your order you will have the following options:
  • Pay by Direct Deposit - refer to details above; or
  • Pay by Credit Card either:
    • in person at the BHA Office; or
    • over the phone to the BHA Office; or
    • filling in this form and sending it to the BHA Office.

Registrations & Points Cap

  • Form F13.1 Application to Register Club Teams
    (Junior & Senior)
    • Right-click for LibreOffice/ApacheOO, MSWord or PDF format to apply for teams in specific divisions for 2017.
    • Use the OOo or MSWord version to email reply; or
    • use the PDF version to fill in and fax or post
  • Form F13.2 Team Registration (Senior)
    (Updated and simplified for 2017)
    • Right-click for LibreOffice/ApacheOO, MSWord or in PDF format;
    • Use to register players in specific teams at the beginning of the season;
    • Due one week prior to the commencement of each competition/division.
  • Junior Registration Spreadsheet (Junior)
    • Right-click for LibreOffic/ApacheOO Calc, MSExcel or Google Sheets (download as your choice);
    • Used to register players in specific teams prior to the commencement of the season.
    • Due one week prior to the commencement of each competition/division.
  • Form F13.3 Player Re-/De-/Registration
    for Senior & Junior - 2017.
    • right-click for LibreOffice/ApacheOO, MSWord or
      in PDF format
    • Use this form to:
    • register new players after the season commences; and/or
    • register a player for an additional Competition for the Club; and/or
    • re-register a player from one division to another; and/or
    • de-register a player, i.e. the player will no longer play with your Club in the current season; and/or
    • alter a player's details including REGCODE.
  • Form F13.5 Points Cap New Player Status (2017)

HQ Documents & Forms

To view and download the latest Hockey Queensland (HQ) forms and documents, it is necessary to visit the HQ Website. Visit the site for forms such as the Dual Registration Form, Alternative Association Registration Form, Asthma & Other Medication Notification Form, etc.

HQ and its affiliated Associations and Clubs, including BHA, are currently engaged in a transition to on-line forms.


Rules of Hockey

Visit this FIH page to view/download the latest official version of the Rules of Hockey.

Competition Rules & Requirements
(Local Rules)

The local rules are important documents that all players and officials must read.

  • BHA Competition Rules & Requirements - Yet to be updated for 2018
    • Competition Rules & Requirements - 2017
      (Approved including update to Rule 3.1.3, 13 March 2017)
    • The above link should open the latest version in your browser with a "clickable" Table of Contents.
      Right-click this link to download a copy.
    • BHA U7/U9 Rules, Guidelines & Field Setup information - right-click this link to view/download. (PDF 190KB)
    • Guidelines for Ball Persons - Use of Ball Persons restricted to BHL1 matches subject to requirements of Rule 2.11 of the BHA Comp Rules. Club Officials are referred to this link on the Hockey Australia Website.
    • Player Points Cap System - Section 4 (page 11) of the Competition Rules & Requirements document contains the Points Cap System rules including the current total.
    • Use of Drones (Hockey) - A notice was circulated to all Clubs 17 May 2017 regarding the use of drones and BHA Hockey matches - link. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has also published Safety Information on the same subject which includes references to sport - link.
  • BHA Incident Report (General)
  • Procedures & Guidelines for BHA Technical Officials
    • Right click to view in PDF format (90KB).
  • BHA Role Responsibilities
    • Right click to view in PDF format (95KB).

Rules & Meetings

  • BHA Inc Rules (Constitution & By-laws) are available upon application through your Club Secretary.
  • For meeting notices see "Next BHA Meeting" on the side-menu.
  • Club Officials Form (2016)
    • right-click for LibreOffice/ApacheOO, MSWord or PDF format
    • a completed form must be submitted by the Club Secretary each year and at anytime the persons holding these positions change.
  • Proxy Form - right-click this for PDF format
    • used to appoint a proxy for BHA meetings

Umpire & Technical Payments

Registered Umpires and Technical Personnel who wish to be remunerated for their services are required to be properly registered with the Association - see under Officiating for more details.

Claim Forms are no longer required to be submitted. Umpires and Tech Officials receive payment in accordance with correctly completed match sheets. However, when submitting bank account details for payments this form in PDF / ODT / DOC formats may be found to be useful.

The Statement by a Supplier (Hobby) Form (NAT 3346-08.2015, 145KB PDF) can be accessed and downloaded from the ATO Website as a PDF from this page. It is extremely important that every person claiming payments for Umpiring and/or Technical Officer duties reads the information on this page.

Member Protection Policy

BHA Inc has adopted Hockey Australia's Member Protection Policy. This policy, which has been in place since 2004, is intended to cover all players, officials, parents, spectators, etc, that are participating in all affiliated Associations, Clubs and Sub-committees. The document includes a "Code of Conduct" for each level of participation. The policy document is available for perusal on the HA Website (1MB PDF).
Document location:
HA Website =>> Governance =>> Policies, Resources and Inclusion =>> HA Member Protection Policy

Working with Children
Qld Blue Card System

Please visit this site to read the documentation associated with the Queensland Blue Card System. The relevant forms can be downloaded/printed from here. Ideally, applicants who are applying via BHA should:

  1. fill-in the the form as a PDF;
  2. print it;
  3. sign it, then together with copies of their ID;
  4. present it to the BHA General Secretary for checking, signing and submission.

Note: A pre-filled BHA form can be downloaded from here - only to be used if you are applying or renewing your Blue Card with BHA.

Live Streaming - BHL1 Matches

The players' names will be sourced from the official BHA Match Sheets following each streamed match. It is therefore important that the players' names, goal scorers, etc are correctly recorded on the official Match Sheets during streamed matches. It is very important that Club Official cooperate fully with the Live Streaming personnel at all times.