The BHA Memorial Cup

BHA Memorial CupThe Memorial Cup (pictured) was first contested in 1950. It was then played as a knock-out competition over three Saturdays prior to the commencement of the normal playing season. This inaugural Memorial Cup knock-out competition was won by newcomers to A1 Grade, Hamilton.

The Memorial Cup is contested in memory of those Hockey Players who lost their lives during the Second World War. The BHA 1950 Annual Report, "Report on 1950 Season" reads:

"The presentation of this Cup to the Association for perpetual Competition by Mr. Josiffe and his sons Tim and Hugh, was an excellent gesture and it is with much pleasure that I record their generosity in this report."
"The Knock-out Competition generally appeared to find favour with Clubs, as by a seasonal amendment of the Constitution regarding registration of players, it afforded Clubs an opportunity of grading their players before lodging their player registration forms with the Association."

Following its first year the Memorial Cup was then contested in other Senior Divisions. Many years later the pre-season "Knock-out Competition" was abandoned and the Memorial Cup was then contested by the two leading teams in each Division after the completion of the first series of the playing season. This match was usually held on a Sunday. Fixtures were mostly only played on Saturdays back then. There would be a gate on the match and there would be write-ups in the newspapers.

In more recent years however, and due mainly to a lack of suitable turf time, the 'special match' was abandoned and either of the following two scenarios have been adopted by successive BHA Boards:

  1. When next the two eligible teams meet in the fixture rounds then the result of that match is used to determine the Cup winner; or
  2. The leading team at the end of the first series is simply awarded the Cup.

For a complete list of Memorial Cup winners see Past Winners under About.

2017 - Special Days & Night!

Following renewed interest in the Memorial Cup and what it represents, the BHA Board has responded by including times and dates within the fixture draw whereby the Memorial Cup can be contested in Brisbane Hockey League, BHL1 - 6. Similarly a special night has been included for the Masters Hockey League, MHL1 - 4. The dates are as follows:

  • BHL1 - 3, Saturday 17 June 2017;
  • BHL4 - 6, Sunday 18 June 2017;
  • MHL1 - 4, Tuesday 20 June 2017.

Please check Fixture Draws & Results under Competitions for more information including the participants and the match times and locations.

These matches are expected to draw larger than usual numbers of spectators. The Association has invited special guests, including its Life Members, and has arranged for a ceremony to be observed. New Cups have been ordered for all Divisions other than BHL1. The BHL1 Cup is having some restoration work done.